Alon Sudri

Managing Partner - Head of Digital Solutions & Ventures

+20 years of experience in software development solution delivery as an entrepreneur

Alon has been a player in the global business arena in the past 20 years.

As a serial entrepreneur and consultant to startup companies, Alon has extensive experience in matching a need for its perfect solution.

As an architect of things, Alon successfully manage to see the big picture and at the same time, aware of every detail.

KEY STRENGTHS: Always on the lookout for a new idea or technological problem that requires a unique solution, curious and sharp, excels in data analysis and systems development. He is ready to provide an innovative solution, yet always considers the business side of the end clients’ needs.

With a BA in Computer Science from the Open University (Israel), an M.Sc. in Master of Science Management from NYU in cooperation with Polytechnic NY, a certificate in Cyber Management from the Israeli Technion, Alon offers a unique understanding in several fields, a high professional ability, and top skills to design a state-of-the-art technological platform suitable for each device.

Alon brings 12 years of various managerial experience to the table and years as an owner of several companies. An outstanding leader, and skilled at motivating my teams and steering them to creating the best solution to any problem we tackle.

Alon Sudri

My magic is to find a perfect match between requirements and the best solution