Patric Amatulli

Managing Partner - Head of Analytics Solutions

+12 years of experience in analytics solutions development and delivery

Patric is a tech-passionate professional with an university degree in computer science. In the past decade he was bridging between software development and consultancy work, with Analytics and Business Intelligence as a main focus, and plenty of successful accomplished projects in the public, financial and assurance sector.

His current focus at data/\bridge is to push analytics to the edge and drive the creation of innovative solutions by providing a completely new user experience and an unique added value to our customer base.

Patric was growing up in a multi cultural environment and he is the polyglot in the team with language skills in:
  • German (native language)
  • Italian (native language)
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (intermediate)
  • Russian (basics)
His main personal type is blue, which in the four nature elements scheme is equivalent to "AIR":

A deep thinker, analytical in his nature, very detail focused and structured in the way of working. Likes to have all the puzzle pieces identified up front to come up with the best solution possible. Does not like improvisation, lack of planning and superficiality. A team player with excellent soft skills who knows when to compromise and when to excel and deliver the best in a fast pace environment. Loves open and wide spaces, freedom and quietness.

Currently living in Switzerland, passionate in sport, animals and nature.

Patric Amatulli

Where focus goes, energy flows. And if you don’t take the time to focus on what matters, then you’re living a life of someone else’s design