Our Tech-Ventures

We develop innovative in-house tech solutions and join as strategic partner and founder to deep tech start-up ventures.

Keepin is a platform for smart contact management. It allows users to control and update the way they appear as contacts to others and allows large enterprises to control and interact with customers, prospects and other business contacts in an innovative GDPR compliant way. Available as mobile app.


PharmAssist helps people with a guided process through the large range of available OTC medication by giving simple & tailored advice 24/7. Fully integrated into any e-commerce site.

bexio insight

bexio insight allows bexio customers to get insight into their data and analyse their business to make faster and better decisions. The app is fully synchronised with the bexio customer data and provides off the shelf reporting and allows customized analytics.


LinQBio is the first global health-tech network community connecting people from the medical world and beyond, using our smart AI. The platform is suitable for start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporate, investors, incubators, service providers, physicians, and scientists.


tik-tak is a smart & simple time-tracking solution. A intuitive user interface, with default settings, text templates and duplicating of time entries makes the users of tik-tak highly efficient. Fully integrated and in-sync with ERP solutions via REST API interfaces.

data engine platform

data/\bridge engine automates ETL efficiently and affordably, eliminating the need for code. Utilizing Qlik Technology data/\bridge has access to an incredibly powerful in-memory database, application program interface (API) and visual aesthetics. From which we have built on to create our visual analytical applications.